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Bruce appears on KUSI 10/25/2020
"Innovative Home Tech Products"
Bruce appears on KUSI 10/18/2020
"Wacky Fitness Gear"

Bruce Pechman is America's Best-Built TV Technology & Fitness Personality appearing regularly on local and national TV shows. “Mr. Bicep” is also the most prolific major Consumer Technology & Health/Fitness Television Correspondent in the country and has made over 400 live TV appearances!

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Bruce Appears on KUSI TV — Mandalorian Mania
Novemver 1, 2020, San Diego, CA
Bruce appeared live on the Good Morning San Diego show. Bruce's segment theme was "Mandalorian Mania."
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Bruce Appears on KUSI TV — Innovative Home Tech Products
October 25, 2020, San Diego, CA
Bruce appeared live on the Good Morning San Diego show. Bruce's segment theme was "Innovative Home Tech Products."
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    Featured Review

    Why I Selected Tommy John Go Anywhere Briefs

By Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology®


Try It, You’ll Like It
I need underwear built as well as me…and I’ll never be a “Boxer” style undies guy! If you engage in physically demanding work or are an exercise enthusiast like myself, you’re going to require top quality undies that won’t slow you down. In fact, even if you’re are a walker you can benefit from underwear that will keep you comfortable, supported, and as dry as possible.

I’ve been researching underwear for 3 months and Tommy John is a no-brainer. They get the Gold Prize for their collection of styles, fabrics, sizes and most important their customer service and guarantee.
BTW, you can shop with confidence at TommyJohn.com with their “Best Pair” Guarantee pledge:

“If you're not satisfied for any reason with your first purchase of Tommy John underwear, we’ll make it right by issuing a refund or allowing you to exchange the product for something more comfortable.”









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