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Bruce appears on KUSI 5/24/2020
"Programmable LED Face Mask"
Bruce appears on KUSI 3/29/2020
"Working Out at Home"

Bruce Pechman is America's Best-Built TV Technology & Fitness Personality appearing regularly on local and national TV shows. “Mr. Bicep” is also the most prolific major Consumer Technology & Health/Fitness Television Correspondent in the country and has made over 400 live TV appearances!

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Bruce to Appear on KUSI TV — Get Healthier Right Now!
TBD, 2020, San Diego, CA
Bruce will appear live on the Good Morning San Diego show. Bruce's segment theme will be "Get Healthier Right Now!."

Bruce Appears on KUSI TV — Programmable LED Face Mask
May 24, 2020, San Diego, CA
Bruce appeared live on the Good Morning San Diego show. Bruce's segment theme was "Programmable LED Face Mask."

Bruce Appears on KUSI TV — Working Out at Home
March 29, 2020, San Diego, CA
Bruce appeared live on the Good Morning San Diego show. Bruce's segment theme was "Working Out at Home."
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    Featured Review

    2019 ElliptiGO MSUB (Mountain Stand Up Bike)

MSUB Works Your Entire Body – Engages Legs, Core & Upper Body…No Seat Needed

By Bruce Pechman, The Muscleman of Technology®


Try It, You’ll Like It
I go to the gym 6 days a week to stay fit and keep myself as pumped-up as I possibly can. At 63 years old it can be challenging and a bit boring! The reality is even if you currently have a fitness routine or are thinking about starting one (and always check with your doctor before starting any fitness program) cardiovascular fitness is arguably the quintessential benefit for getting back in shape and extending your lifespan. I would know…I had open-heart bypass surgery in early 2018. Back to what I said about making your fitness routine fun—how about if I told you that you can develop cardio fitness conditioning as well as a whole-body workout simultaneously without ever joining a gym? You can, and most adults can ride their ElliptiGO SUB (Stand-Up Bicycle) outside in the fresh air. Best of all, it’s low impact and you’ll never ever get saddle soreness! A growing body of evidence suggests that getting outside while exercising does wonders for lowering stress, improving your mental outlook, not to mention a host of other benefits for our bodies and minds. More...








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